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A Breakthrough in Electrical Grounding

Is Here.

GroundLinx Technologies, LLC is proud to introduce a completely new, patented* approach to grounding/earthing.

So... why is this important?

Because at an annual cost of billions of Dollars, Euros, and other global currencies , traditional grounding and earthing designs frequently fail to protect the sensitive electronics on which contemporary society depends. If the status quo truly is effective, significant losses such as these would not occur.

Based on many years of accumulated experience and data, and by applying advanced principles of materials science, and physics to electrical grounding, GroundLinx Gradiance earthing/grounding systems:

  • Dramatically outperform traditional grounding methods, whether as standard rods or chemically enhanced columns;

  • Minimize impedance mismatches between conductors and native soil by creating an multi-step impedance gradient;

  • Have true broadband fault dissipation capability;

  • Are able to dissipate extremely large fault currents which often contain frequencies exceeding 100mHz;

  • Create approximately 20 million dissipation points per deployed electrode, and an amazing amount of surface area -- in a single 0.6-meter to 1.1-meter deep installation.

  • Require a smaller footprint, are easier to install - with near-zero maintenance, and

  • Are far more stable and resilient over time with respect to environmental conditions.


GroundLinx Gradiance™ grounding systems therefore provide far greater protection for critical systems, structures, and property at lower total cost than any other grounding/earthing product available. The GroundLinx Gradiance concept IS the most essential breakthrough in electrical grounding technology in more than 40 years. 


Follow the links below to learn more about how dramatically different and capable the GroundLinx Gradiance grounding/earthing system really is.

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GroundLinx Technologies makes high-performance, broadband electrical grounding systems that are more durable, more capable, and importantly more site-size efficient than all other grounding designs presently available.

GroundLinx products are NEC compliant and Intertek/ETL listed.  

*US Patents 10236598, and 10230182, with additional US and foreign patents pending.

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GroundLinx Technologies is a proud corporate sponsor of The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, in Dearborn, Michigan.

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