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A Breakthrough in

Electrical Grounding Is Here.

GroundLinx Technologies, LLC is proud to introduce a completely new, patented* approach to grounding/earthing.

Based on many years of accumulated experience and data, and by applying advanced principles of materials science, and physics to electrical grounding, GroundLinx Gradience earthing/grounding systems:


  • Dramatically outperform traditional grounding methods, whether as standard rods or chemically enhanced columns;

  • Minimize impedance mismatches between conductors and native soil by creating an multi-step impedance gradient;

  • Have true broadband fault dissipation capability;

  • Are able to dissipate extremely large fault currents which often contain frequencies exceeding 100mHz;

  • Create approximately 20 million dissipation points, and an amazing amount of surface area -- in a single 1.1-meter tall installation.

  • Require a smaller footprint, are easier to install - with near-zero maintenance, and

  • Are far more stable and resilient over time with respect to environmental conditions.


GroundLinx Gradience™ grounding systems therefore provide far greater protection for critical systems, structures, and property at lower total cost than any other grounding/earthing product available.


Follow the links below to learn more about how dramatically different and capable the GroundLinx Gradience grounding/earthing system really is.


Overall, our purpose is to protect key assets, and enhance safety – of facilities, structures, data, electric supply systems, mission-critical equipment, and certainly homes and lives.

GroundLinx Technologies makes electrical grounding
faster, easier, more capable, and more stable.

GroundLinx products are NEC compliant and Intertek/ETL listed.  

*US Patents 10236598, and 10230182, with additional US and foreign patents pending.

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GroundLinx Technologies is a proud corporate sponsor of The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, in Dearborn, Michigan.