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Commercial Use

GroundLinx Gradiance systems are:

 highly cost efficient, especially in challenging grounding conditions. 

 essential for protection of mission critical assets and systems across a myriad of industries. 

 far more consistent in performance than traditional grounding methods.

GroundLinx representatives consult with each commercial and residential client to perform a situational analysis and understand the requirements of each engagement. Technicians licensed by GroundLinx then perform a detailed site survey for every installation.  Based on data developed in this site inspection, our manufacturing facility designs and constructs, or recommends a kit(s) often unique to the application, and terrain/soil of each installation.  (Because GroundLinx products can provide either the primary stand-alone ground or a secondary ground to augment a failing or inadequate system, technicians will perform testing of any existing configuration already in place to confirm its condition and base the scope of work on the results.)  Site survey data, along with timelines and deliverables, are incorporated into the completed project plan, then accepted or adjusted by the customer prior to the start of the engagement.

Our representatives many times are specialists in specific lines of business.  This allows us to more fully understand the unique physical and operational characteristics of each market segment, and therefore makes us able to better craft our product for particular customer requirements.

Cell tower constructors

Radio and TV broadcasters

Data distribution locations

Docks and marinas

Residential construction

Electronics manufacturing

Emergency generator installations

Flammable environments and fueling

Petroleum manufacture and distribution

Healthcare asset/facilities protection

Electric power distributors

911 emergency dispatch sites

Military bases and forward operations

Electric vehicle charging stations

Data centers

PTC railway signalling

Air traffic control and NAVAIDS

Agricultural applications

Mining infrastructures and power supply

Vehicular flow and traffic management

...and anywhere else consistent, mission-critical power is required.

High performance grounding/earthing is essential in many industries including:

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All lightning protection systems, big and small, rely on grounding: Grounding that MUST be absolutely consistent in performance.

Both aircraft fueling and control communications must be protected by proper grounding.

The safety of transportation networks is dependent on correctly and reliably grounded communications systems.

Wind turbines (as well as large solar arrays) are tempting targets for lightning discharges. Reliable, low-resistance grounding greatly reduces the probability of lightning-related damage.

Surge and lightning protection schemes (including re-closers) used in power distribution must have compact, very low resistance grounding available.

Improper grounding, lack of maintenance, and very poor soils near marinas and docks often create hazardous conditions. Good grounding is critical.

Positive Train Control (PTC) systems for railway signaling and control require high performance, consistent grounding.

Consistent, highly reliable grounding is critical in the safe transmission and delivery of electric power.

Critical structures (often on high ground with poor soils) must be thoroughly and reliably grounded.

The absolute reliability and consistency of electricity serving a data center cannot be understated. Grounding is key.

Traffic control systems need good grounding to prevent failures. A compact, highly effective grounding system helps.

Special attention must be paid to area- and soil-efficient grounding to reliably insulate wireless installations from lightning and damaging anomalies.

Cable systems are now effectively data distributors, not just content providers. Clean, consistent signal is inexorably linked to great grounding.

Traffic observation / flow control cameras are highly susceptible to lightning related loss. Proper, high-capacity grounding helps prevent this.

Protecting expensive machinery, and surface workers requires instant, complete dissipation of fault currents.

Keeping data pristine requires superbly conditioned and grounded power supply systems.

Public Safety

Public Safety

When it comes to protecting citizens, the term mission critical means just that. And how do First Responders get the message they are promptly needed? That job is handled by highly integrated communications systems which are becoming increasingly complex every year.

From “Next Gen 911” telephony to “P25” radio systems, elaborate communications solutions such as these provide accurate location information, proper redundancy, and emergency re-routing of 911 calls. Additionally, sharing voice communication by radio transmitters across multiple agencies – sometimes at opposite ends of a state – is a common feature. 


These systems absolutely require consistent, reliable power supplies. A single lightning strike or power surge can destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of radio, telephone and IT equipment – in a few milliseconds. Million dollar damages are not out of the question, thanks to the complexities…and the abilities of these life-saving systems. Unfortunately, public safety agencies across the country can testify far too frequently they have been essentially “dead in the water” for days or weeks due to loss of critical infrastructure following an electric anomaly event or a lightning strike at their facilities. 


Such failures are very often the result of improper grounding techniques and/or insufficient dissipation capability within installed grounding systems for fault currents. And sadly, these conditions often exist because of reliance on outdated guidelines, dubious sole targets for resistance-to-ground, or just improper design and certification. Worse yet, due to the sensitivity of the high-tech systems now in use, losses are increasing in frequency.

GroundLinx Technologies is committed to providing a heretofore unavailable level of protection for First Responder agencies, whether law enforcement, fire/rescue or E-911 operations. Our patented broadband dissipation methodology and unique materials create unsurpassed resiliency in preventing damage to these critical facilities brought on by electric anomalies, regardless of the complexity of the system, soil conditions, or equipment configuration. In addition to low frequency / low power faults, our Gradiance electrodes and Gradiance impedance management columns, are capable of dissipating current amplitudes and frequencies common in lightning which lie well beyond the dispersal abilities of copper electrodes – in any form.



Going beyond simple resistance-to-ground design specs, the GroundLinx approach is to supplement existing grounding with a complete suite of materials that prevent “bounce back” or reflection of anomalous high-level current, thus ensuring ALL routes for subsequent dissipation of lower amplitude and frequency currents remain open. This is a function traditional grounding does not manage well.  With multitudes of “exit ramps” wide open, and with a capacitance characteristic derived from system volume and massive surface area, GroundLinx systems are far more able to “digest” both the initial surge or spike, AND the remaining “freight train” of current coming down the track. 


Should you have a desire to “harden” your facilities against electrical anomalies including lightning strikes, we welcome your inquiries. In many cases, our licensed distributors will make an initial assessment at little or no cost – thus providing your municipal management with a full range of options that won’t stretch already stretched budgets.  


For more information, click on the Contact Us button below. A GroundLinx representative will respond to your inquiry in less than one business day.

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