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A Breakthrough in

Electrical Grounding Is Here.

GroundLinx Technologies has developed a totally new, state-of-the-art, patented* approach to grounding/earthing that quite literally “blows the doors” off all ground rod-, grid-, and copper strap-based earthing concepts. For those seeking a truly dramatic improvement in the performance of grounding systems, GroundLinx Lohmega CCF kits have what it takes to be the new standard for grounding.


GroundLinx Lohmega CCF systems are NOT your grandfather’s ground rods or simple chemical enhancements of soil.


Instead, through incorporation of literally millions of micro- and nano-emitters to disperse fault currents far more efficiently, Lohmega CCF kits cut resistance-to-ground dramatically, even in highly resistive soils. More importantly, the Lohmega CCF concept creates an impedance gradient - extending across a variety of proprietary materials with gradually increasing impedance - into native soil. This fundamentally improves dissipation of surge currents and drastically cuts the probability of damage resulting from an impedance mismatch common in grounding between copper conductors and even mildly resistive soils.  


But the most critical advantage of GroundLinx products is the ability to “digest” a broad range of frequencies present in surge currents, including lightning. Through a design integrating large surface areas of copper and durable, highly conductive materials, Lohmega CCF kits enable massive conductance and dissipation of very high frequencies, especially at and above 60MHz where copper-only grounding tends to be far less effective. 


All this translates into a grounding system with heretofore un-achievable resiliency, capability, and efficiency. Hence, Lohmega CCF grounding kits create highly cost effective solutions aimed at the protection of your mission-critical equipment and structures, as well as the safety of your employees and families.


Follow the links below to find out how dramatically different the GroundLinx Lohmega CCF grounding/earthing system really is.

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By focusing on the total dispersion and capacity characteristics of a grounding strategy, the GroundLinx Lohmega CCF™ design: 

  • Creates a massive number of pathways to ground to easily disperse all forms of fault current, including steep-wave-front surges.

  • Is far more consistent in performance versus traditional grounding with respect to changing environmental conditions. 

  • Requires only minimal (annually or less) maintenance. 

In addition, Lohmega CCF™ kits are:

  • NEC compliant 

  • Intertek/ETL listed. 

Overall, our purpose is to protect key assets, and enhance safety -- of facilities, structures, data, electric supply systems, mission-critical equipment, and certainly homes and lives.

GroundLinx Technologies makes electrical grounding
faster, easier, more capable, and more stable.

*U.S. Patent Numbers: 10236598, 10230182

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GroundLinx Technologies is a proud corporate sponsor of The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, in Dearborn, Michigan.

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