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Licensed Agents and Installers

GroundLinx Technologies is rapidly establishing a network of licensed, trained, and certified representatives that operate in a defined territory or industry to serve local clients.

Each representative must provide a superior level of service to a community or line of business in which they are already established and known. 

Given the myriad of industries and markets where improved electrical grounding is needed, we encourage inquiries from organizations interested in becoming certified representative / installers of GroundLinx products, regardless of your present level of direct involvement in electrical work. 


If “partnering up” with GroundLinx and our breakthrough technology is of interest to you, we welcome your comments and questions.  As you review this opportunity, please consider the following additional thoughts.

Proper and complete testing of soil resistivity and system resistance are absolutely essential to ensuring grounding effectiveness.

  • GroundLinx will provide, without cost to your firm, complete initial training regarding soil resistivity analysis, grounding system design and performance, measurement techniques, and proper installation, including safety considerations.  We view the presentation to your customers of our products by fully trained, highly qualified, courteous managers and technicians as critical to the success of our brand.  Qualified representatives will feel exactly the same about their business.


  • Upon annual renewal of your firm’s license with GroundLinx, continuing education – based on knowledge we have gained over the preceding year, or repeat initial training for new personnel within your firm, will be offered at a nominal cost. 

  • GroundLinx believes development and sharing of a knowledge base of all measurements and designs for every commercial project, every residential installation, and every test performed will be mutually and highly valuable in furthering the full modernization of grounding strategies.  Hence, we will expect your firm to record and transmit complete field data to us on a regular basis.  Improved products and techniques will flow from this, benefiting us all.


Every new customer represents an opportunity to improve electrical system and equipment safety, one home, one structure, or one business at a time. As such, we believe being part of this transformation will be very exciting and highly rewarding.


Minimum requirements for our certified representatives include but are not limited to:

Strong knowledge of...

  • Grounding/Earthing, and bonding concepts and requirements.

  • Soil resistivity, and conductivity testing — including ownership of approved test equipment.

  • Current NEC, NFPA, IEEE etc. codes and electrical best practice standards, including local electrical codes

Ownership of...

  • Appropriate installation equipment (with trained operators)

  • A superior business reputation in your defined territory and line of business

  • The ability to warranty all installation services used for Groundlinx products

Maintenance of...

  • Current state low voltage and/or electrician licensure with all CE requirements up to date (for "energized" installations).

  • All business registration documents including tax exemption certificate and resale for each state within your designated territory

  • Appropriate federal tax and employer documents (FEI, etc.)

GroundLinx Technologies requires all US-based licensees to utilize the federal “E-Verify” citizenship verification system.

IMPORTANTLY, becoming a GroundLinx Technologies (GLX) Certified Representative is a selective process. Not all applicants will be approved. Furthermore, if approved, GLX will issue you an annually renewable license to represent and install our products. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of licensure may result in:

  • Termination of the license immediately or on its anniversary, or

  • A restatement of the terms and conditions for continuation of the license.

This verbiage is only an overview, and does not constitute a license to represent GLX. Such licensure is established only by a formal agreement between GLX and the Certified Representative.


If you or your organization have an interest in becoming a licensed representative for Groundlinx Technologies, or if you wish to learn more about this revolutionary opportunity, please complete the “Contact Us” form linked here.


A GroundLinx Technologies team member will contact you within 24 hours.

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