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GroundLinx Gradiance systems are:

 Easily the most capable, cost efficient grounding/earthing product available, particularly for challenging locations or applications.


 Fully scalable, from single residential installations to large, ultra low resistance commercial applications. 

 Installed exclusively by trained, GroundLinx-licensed technicians.

The flagship of the GroundLinx product line, Gradiance, is fully scalable to any size installation or required level of system resistance-to-ground (RTG).


Whether deployed in a commercial or residential application, the Gradiance system is suitable as a stand-alone, or supplemental installation, and is supplied as a “kit,” complete with all necessary materials downstream of the system lead². All are dramatically more efficient in mitigating fault and transient currents using a much smaller “footprint” than traditional grounding systems. 


Gradiance product kits are Intertek / ETL certified, and contain a technologically unique, patented combination of materials and proprietary compounds.  Both standard and custom-scaled kits are available.  Many applications may be able to utilize standard kits arrayed in a site-specific design, or simply installed as standard single or parallel systems.  Others may require specialized scaling, which is very easily accomplished through our Custom Design option. 


In all cases, Gradiance Kits are uniquely designed to more efficiently and cost effectively create an optimum path to ground, and for the duration of the fault event. Based on the results of required site surveys performed prior to installation by our licensed local installers, Gradiance grounding systems, whether as a standard kit or a custom configuration, significantly reduce RTG relative to traditional grounding methods. But more importantly, they handily disperse the full range of frequencies that may be in a fault current flow, especially the very high frequencies that are extremely common at the leading edge of a lightning discharge.

With these dangerous currents out of the way, the balance of the fault, composed mostly of lower frequency flows, can be easily managed.  As a result, the possibility of reflection of the fault (due to frequency overloading or impedance mismatching) back towards equipment assumed to be protected, is substantially reduced, if not eliminated.

GroundLinx Gradiance systems easily defeat soil resistivity and impedance mismatches every time. Period.

In any soil resistivity.

In any application. 

With less hardware, a smaller footprint, and lower costs.

Upon installation completion, each Gradiance system is tested and benchmarked, with as-built, and performance data transmitted to GroundLinx toward continually expanding our product knowledge base.

² For certain installations, in order to meet NEC requirements, a minimum 96"x5/8" ground rod may be required. This rod is not supplied with GroundLinx kits.

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Proper bonding and grounding is essential in preventing damage to facilities and systems.

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